"The young people who work for me are always saying “Oh that’s been done to death.” They say that about photographs they could never in a million years hope to “see” on their own. The arrogance of youth (something that happened to me when I was young too — so I speak from experience) is to think that you might be able to do something newer and better than the masters, and do it soon. It’s a pipe dream. You have to understand yourself before you can understand the masters and you have to understand the masters before you can begin to think about copying them and you have to begin copying them to even think that you’re anywhere near the road to finding your own style."

photofocus: scottbourne


"Jeans used to be a journey, not a destination; a promise, not a product. In the way they shrank, faded, and eventually ripped and disintegrated, they reflected the accumulation of our life’s adventures, our authentic experience."

who's your dada? randall armor




it takes a long time to become young       
 - picasso